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Delhi: The Capital of Many Dynasties

Parliament Building, Delhi

Built to be the capital, Delhi had seen the rise and fall of many Kingdoms and Empires. Every dynasty that ruled Delhi left behind some kind of a seal or monument for the world to admire and remember.

Delhi, situated between the Aravalli hills and the River Yamuna, had the attention of almost every conqueror in this part of the world. The oldest reference to Delhi is made in the Mahabharata that states that Pandavas founded a city called Indraprasta beside the River Yamuna in 1450 BC.

Taj Mahal, The symbol of Eternal Love

Taj Mahal, The symbol of Eternal Love

"We have been walking up a long wide avenue with arcades of shops on either side and a tide of wall to wall people in between. Next we passed through an ancient, massive gate, and suddenly it was there before us - The Taj Mahal - to me the most beautiful and romantic building in the whole world."
"Never before have I been so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of a structure as to get goose bumps just looking at it." ( Walter and Cherie Glaser in Rowing through Rajasthan & Agra)

Jaipur: The Pink Golden Triangle Corner

Jaipur, The Pink City

Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. It is the third corner of India's Golden Triangle, the others being Delhi at 300km northeast and Agra 200km east. It is a city with a timeless quality to it, a city where the ancient and the modern co-exist in complete harmony. The label of 'pink city' applies specifically to the old walled quarter of Jaipur while the glorious palaces and temples are in the urban area.

Goa Beach side: Waiting for the big catch

Waga Beach, Goa

Goa, a tiny emerald land of was once a pride of Portugal's Eastern Empire. The relatively new state of India with its wide and attractive beaches and beach resorts is a haven for holidaymakers. Even though independent, Portuguese colonial practices still prevalent in the ways of life. The Roman Catholicism is still Orthodox in Goa. Good food and wine grace the humblest of tables. The life is full of song, dance and merriment. Goa is a place for holidaymaker who seeks sun and sand, food and wine and even old forts and temples.

Belur: The World Heritage Site

Chennakeshwara Temple, Belur, The symbol of Eternal Love

34km from Hassan, Belur is a tourist attraction with its exquisite temples. Located on the banks of river Yagachi, the Chennakeswara Temple is one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture. It took 103 years to complete and you can see why when you see it. The facade of the temple is filled with intricate sculptures friezes with no portion kept blank. The interior of the temple is even better and contains many exquisite panels and richly carved pillars. The Veeranarayana Temple and other smaller shrines are also worth visiting.

Kerala: Kumarakam Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakam Bird sanctuary

On the banks of Vembanad Lake, 12km from Kottayam, Kumarakam is a bird watcher's haven known for local and migratory birds. Cormorants, teals, ducks, owls and water fouls are seen from October to February. Feb.-July is the time for the snakebirds, night herons, egrets, and Siberian storks. The ideal time to watch the birds is around 0630 hrs. Kumarakam tourist village is a 101 acre wooded complex with many luxury resorts and houseboats. Boats are available on hire for backwater cruises in the lake