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Indian destinations History & Culture
History of India, cultural heritage, religions, languages, visa regulations, travel requirements, mode of travel, people, flora and fauna etc.; are explained.

Information on travel destinations and other destinations in India, how to reach, where to stay, places to see, travel information, what to shop and festivals celebrated are explained.

Travel Destinations States
History, cultural information, local performing arts, statitics, how to reach, places of interest, places to stay, travel destinatios, maps of India and locally celebrated festivals.

Union Territories
Union Territories are those regions under Central government. Links to the official web sites are provided so that all relevent information will be readily available about the travel destinations in UTs.

By visiting the links National Parks and Sanctuaries one can familiarise with the habitats where the wildlife can be seen and the time and places they can be visited.

Hotels &  Resorts
Information on types of accommodation state-wise and city-wise. Book your hotel online. Get upto 70% discount on regular rates.

Useful links of Indian web sites of Trade, government, airlines, hotels, shopping, music, travel, news, education etc., are readily availabe for one to probe into and get relevent information.

All relevent information required for a traveler including visa formalities, things one should know, things to be avoided, customs, regulations etc.,to assist a traveller to prepare himself for the journey.

map of India Map of India
This web page provides information on Political map of India, Road map of India, railway map of India, air routes map, state maps, etc., to assist a traveller in the best manner possible.

Photos of monuments, state buildings, temples, cultural activites, parks, beaches, wildlife etc., those are of tourist interest, one would like to have a peek into.



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